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The Man Who Couldn't Be Killed
Accused of being a counter-revolutionary because he talked about his friend Jesus, Mr. Wong was sentenced to twenty years in a hard-labor camp. An unforgettable true story of faith and miraculous deliverance in Communist China at the height of the Cultural Revolution. Mr. Wong's unflinching courage for the Savior and the miracles that saved his life will inspire you to believe in a God who is greater than any problem or circumstance.

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Uncle Arthur's BEDTIME STORIES, 5 vol. set Uncle Arthur's BEDTIME STORIES, 5 vol. set
Arthur S. Maxwell
This book is currently out of print. Check used books.

1950s set

The famous red-orange set that was popular before the 1960s 20 volume colorful cover set came out. This set came out one volume a year for 5 years in the 1950s and contains most of the American Bedtime Stories. Each volume is larger than subsequent volumes, with mostly two color illustrations.

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Uncle Arthur with his children: Maureen, Graham, Lawrence and Mervyn Maxwell--all authors in their own right. Visit
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